[Csnd] Net labels

I just found out (from Wire magazine) about this (https://etat.xyz/) which has actual computer music on it, which does NOT appear on YouTube Music or other streaming services. Does anybody on this list know about any other similar “labels?”


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I created a net label just for csound composers on archive.org

Thanks for passing this along, Mike. Very interesting label! I’m guessing you consider Bandcamp to be one of the streaming services and are therefore not asking about net labels that exclusively release electronic/omputer music on Bandcamp (e.g. New York Haunted)?


I didn’t even know what a net label is until this, and I do not really know about how Bandcamp works. But I will check it out, for sure.


There used to be a real proliferation of net labels, and there are still many of them, but probably fewer now that Bandcamp can handle so many details for you. I’ve had a number of net label releases in the past, some of which are now on my Bandcamp page (https://mysterybear.bandcamp.com). Aside from releasing my own music, Bandcamp has become my preferred way to purchase new music.

  • Dave

On https://archive.org/ you can find a lot netlabels since it’s a free hosing but i suspect that streaming services are somehow killing the “netlabelism”.