[Csnd] International Csound Users Group Meeting on March 2, 2021 at 14:00 EST

The International Csound Users Group Meeting is a monthly virtual meeting for all those interested in learning, using, or contributing to the development of the Csound system for computer music. Meetings are also open to the discussion of issues of computer music in general, both musical and technical.

The meeting is hosted and chaired by myself, Michael Gogins, on Zoom. The time is the first Wednesday of each month at 21:00 UTC (14:00 EST). Meetings can accommodate up to 100 participants with reasonably good audio quality, and normally last from one to two hours.

I will post this again shortly before the meeting, with a Zoom link.

Please email me at michael.gogins@gmail.com to suggest topics for presentation or discussion. Suitable topics include:

Questions on how to install or configure Csound.
Questions on how best to use Csound.
Presentation of new techniques for sound synthesis or algorithmic composition with Csound.
Presentation of new features in Csound.
Presentation of new tools to be used with Csound or to augment Csound.
Presentation of music made with Csound or other electroacoustic music (but see below).

We do welcome the presentation and discussion of pieces made with Csound, or indeed of any piece of electroacoustic music created by a participant, but all music (excepting live demonstrations) should be hosted on some external platform such as YouTube or SoundCloud, as we will play only the first few minutes of a piece during the meeting in order not to disrupt the flow of discussion. For this reason, we prefer to announce pieces for upcoming meetings in advance.
The agenda and Zoom link for upcoming meetings will be posted to the Csound mailing list a few days in advance of each meeting.

If people think there are going to be more than 100 sign-ons to the meeting, I am open to increasing my Zoom plan but would like to get some additional funding.

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