[Csnd] HRTF issue between -odac and file output

Hey hey,
I am experiencing an issue with the hrtf opcodes. When Csound is running in realtime the sound is fine. But when the output is an audiofile (with all other settings unchanged) there is a quite static tone in one channel and the hrtfreverb late reflections sound like they are compressed or have rendering artefacts.

Here is an example audiofile:

The <CsOptions> section has these flags:
-o toms_1.wav -d --messagelevel=2
No further options added on the commandline.

Csound version is 6.16 (Arch package from 2021.07.29 .

Does anyone have an idea or can reproduce this behaviour?

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The described artefacts in rendering were due to the fact that the audio file was rendered at 16bit. Though the artefacts were surprisingly distinct!

Oct 28 2021, Jeanette C. has written: