[Csnd] ctcsound and portaudio


I’m trying to import ctcsound with Python3 in Windows 10. External opcodes load fine, but I can’t make real time audio work (“unknown rtaudio module: ‘PortAudio’, using dummy module”). Any suggestions? Thanks!


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Update: this works → cs.setOption("-+rtaudio=mme")

That’s the mme module, very high latency. So -+rtaudio=rtpa does not work? Maybe a problem with portaudio.dll?

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

Hi Victor,

Neither -+rtaudio=portaudio nor -+rtaudio=rtpa. I’m not using it to play in real-time though, just wanted to hear the result after each compilation, so I’ll stick to the old mme driver then.

isn't there jack for windows?

i guess it should be the best option ...