[Csnd] csound6~ for Max/MSP beta up now

Hi colleagues, I’m excited to announce that the first beta release of my csound6~ object for Max is now available for intel Mac. It’s a minimal, modern csound object using the Csound6 API, and is largely based on Victor Lazzarini’s object for PureData. This should allow better latency and performance than the legacy csound~ object and handle larger and more messages, but does not attempt to port all the features of the legacy csound~ object.

Features include realtime score playing, audio input, event handling, score cueing, and real time modulation messages.

Limitations: Csound table reading and writing from Max and Max event output (from outvalue opcodes) are not yet implemented, but are planned. Csound midi opcodes are not supported and whether they will be is to be determined based on demand.

Binaries exist for Intel Mac only at the moment. The code should compile for Windows and Apple Silicon, but I could do with some help on both of those as I’m not a Windows developer and just got an M1. If you can help, please get in touch!

Project page:



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wow that's grat news iain. thanks so much for this important work!
i will test it once i get to a mac, and forward it to my max-using students.
best -

Well done, Iain!
Great stuff! We should maybe remove the csound~ repo so it doesn’t cause any confusion? Certainly link your release from csound.com

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University



I am running it on:

Max 8.2.2

MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina 10.15.7

Working out of the box.

I will explore further over the next week.

  • and then get my students working with it after spring break!

I will also give it a run on my M1 MacBook too running an even newer macOS

Congratulations and Thanks!

Great to hear it’s working for you Dr B!

Victor, maybe we should keep the old csound~ legacy repo up and visible for a bit until I have more of the features ported? I want to get table writing/reading and outvalue going asap as I need them for Scheme for Max. I’m less sure about when I’ll get to the midi stuff.


Please keep csound~ too.

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