[Csnd] "corruptet size" error message

Dear community,
after executing the below quoted code I get the following message:

67.2295 -3.7705 -3.7705 -3.7705 66.2295 67.2295 64.2295 67.2295
Score finished in csoundPerform().
inactive allocs returned to freespace
end of score. overall amps: 0.00000 0.00000
overall samples out of range: 0 0
0 errors in performance
corrupted size vs. prev_size

csound command: Abort
And after the last message I can’t execute a command in the command line. I don’t understand the meanig of the “corrupted size vs. prev_size” line.

Here’s the code:

-odac -m0d ; ============================================== sr = 44100 nchnls = 2 0dbfs = 1 seed 0

opcode StefansRandIntArray,i[],iii
iMin,iMax,iSize xin
iOut[] init iSize
iOut[0] random iMin,iMax
iOut[0] = round(iOut[0])
index = 1
while index <iSize do
irandNum random iMin,iMax
irandNum = round(irandNum)
if irandNum != iOut[index-1] then
iOut[index] = irandNum
index +=1
xout iOut

instr 1
iPchNums[] StefansRandIntArray 60,72,8
iRandTransPose random -5,5
iPchNums += iRandTransPose
printarray iPchNums

; ============================================== i1 0 4 e

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This is a bug in csound, particularly in “iPchNums += iRandTransPose”

Here is a fix:

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Dear Eduardo,
thanks for Your reply.
Is there a way to avoid this error?

i haven't checked but i guess that the += is not valid for what you want to do (= to add a number to all elements of an array). can you try this:
  iPchNums = iPchNums+iRandTransPose

best -