[Csnd] Cabbage quit on mac

hello, i installed Cabbage on mac from the csound site, without csound, because i build it from source from git. consequently, the libcsound framework is missing and cabbage quit immediately. i have the csoundlib.dylib in /usr/loc
al/lib, and csound bin in /usr/local/bin as expected. Please, do i miss something? Thanks and bests. Raoul MEGELAS rmgls@orange.fr

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If you build Csound from sources normally by doing
make install

the framework will get installed in ~/Library/Frameworks by default and Cabbage will find it there. If however you install the CsoundLib64.framework somewhere else, then you will need to edit the links in the Cabbage executable file.

Try using otool -L to see where cabbage looks for libs and then install_name_tool to edit these links.

otool -L Cabbage.app/Contents/MacOS/Cabbage

and then

install_name_tool -change oldlink newlink Cabbage.app/Contents/MacOS/Cabbage

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

I think make install actually installs it to ~/Library/Frameworks, at least it does here.

This is what I said.

True. Well said! :rofl:

Hi Victor,

Thanks for your tips.
i will try it.