[Csnd] Bug k-rate version of the chnset-opcode in Csound 6.18?

Dear list,

could it be that there is a bug in Csound version 6.18 (double samples) Apr 18 2022 regarding the k-rate version of the chnset-opcode?

Even in the example Chnset.csd from the manual rendered with CsoundQt Version 0.9.6-1 or blue 2.8.1 the line:

chnset kfreq, „cntrfreq“

…in instr 2 produces the following error message:

“PERF ERROR in instr 2 (opcode chnset.k) line 23: invalid channel name”

I can not get it to work in version 6.18 with my own code also that worked flawlessly before. Should I file a bug for that?

The a-rate version of chnset in instr. 3 of that example works.
It also works in Csound version 6.17 (double samples) Feb 2 2022.

Cheers and best wishes,

Jan Jacob

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What gives with the opening double quote character?

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yes, there was a bug but I thought it had been fixed already a while ago.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University