[Csnd] AutoSampler version 3: two new samplers!

Hey hey,
I have added two new samplers. OK, one new sampler and extended the old one. :slight_smile:

The new feature for the autosampler is a pause after a given number of notes, to retune the sampled instrument. You can choose a reference note interactively, played by a sawtooth.

There is a wrapper instrument to keep the old syntax and method.

The really new sampler is DrumSampler, specially created to be used with drum machines. It needs live input. There is a play/exploration mode to tweak sounds and a record mode, in which every note will trigger a recording. There are no velocity layers, but as many round robins as you want. Just play one sound over and over again. You can specify MIDI notes for hihat groups. In the SFZ creation these notes will be put into a mute group. SFZ files are named after the MIDI notes which triggered them.

If anyone is interested: I have recorded a small library/sound with each sampler and could upload it.

Best wishes,


Hello Jeanette,

I'll have to look at that. Looks really useful for generating labelled datasets. Many thanks!

Best regards,