[Csnd] ANNOUNCEMENT: New release of the WebKit opcodes for Csound

Available from here: https://github.com/gogins/webkit-opcodes/releases/tag/v1.0.0.

I have added the ability for Csound to call JavaScript code in the context of a Web page opened by Csound using the WebKit opcodes.

It is now possible not only for JavaScript in a user-defined Web page to call and control Csound, but also for the Csound orchestra to execute JavaScript in the Web page.

In the upcoming International Csound Users Group meeting on Zoom, I will demonstrate and discuss these opcodes.

The results are not too different from using CsoundQt with HTML code and CsoundQt’s built-in Web browser, or using csound.node. However, with the WebKit opcodes, the capabilities are completely contained within Csound and can be completely defined in one .csd file.

As with the Clang opcodes, my objective is to push all code used to make a Csound piece down into the Csound orchestra, enabling the use of whatever text editor one prefers, very rapid turnaround, and fast performance.


This sounds really interesting, thanks Michael. On a somewhat related note: I remember discussing Guile with you in the past, you might be interested to know that s7 Scheme compiles to web assembly now so can be used in a browser context too, in case you want to add that to the mix! Christos on the CM-dist list did a demo release of it that is on github.