[Csnd] ANNOUNCEMENT: Initial release of gogins/python-abx

The python-abx program is an ABX audio comparator for soundfiles. It is intended to help composers, audio engineers, and others hear very subtle differences in variant renderings of music and other soundfiles. I think it should run on all computers with Python 3 and GTK 3.

You may download python-abx from https://github.com/gogins/python-abx/releases. (gogins/python-abx is my updated fork of https://github.com/lrvick/python-abx).

To install, just download the archive, unzip it, and follow the instructions in README.md.

Much more information is available in https://github.com/gogins/python-abx/blob/master/csound-audio-quality.pdf.

Please log an issue at https://github.com/gogins/python-abx/issues if you have any problems or suggestions.


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