[Csnd] Announce: Csound6~ 0.2 for Max/MSP

Hi colleagues, I have just put up the next release of the Csound6~ object for Max/MSP, an external for using Csound6 in the Max environment. Csound6~ is largely based on Victor Lazzarini’s Csound object for PureData, using the Csound6 API.

Version 0.2 adds table and buffer i/o and control channel i/o. Of particular note is a new feature to allow registering listeners on Csound control channels to create Max messages at optional divisors of the krate. This makes it possible to create control rate dsp processes that drive Max messages in a much more efficient manner than is normally possible in Max.

There is an intro video here: https://youtu.be/ZMWpfdoe2fw

Download the external from the GitHub page here. Binaries are available for Intel Mac and Windows64 at this time, with M1 in the works.

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Congratulations, great work, Iain!

yes, it’s coming along very well. Thanks for that.

Thanks! Victor, if you would like I could probably add the outchannel listening stuff to the Pd version at a later date (rather later…). I’m finding it very useful. I think it would be a lot easier to add in Pd as you don’t have to do the whole thread-protected-queue to the scheduler code thing.


Iain - it keeps getting better and better! Thanks and congratulations.

  • your examples are super important - keep them coming!

In two weeks, I plan to assign this to my current csound class

  • hopefully, one or two of them will come up with examples worth sharing as well.


yep, please go ahead. Do you want direct access? I can add you.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

Thanks Dr B, do let me know how it goes and any issues you hit!

Victor, sure to direct access, but no rush, I will probably not have time to do that for a few months. I have a bunch of Scheme for Max stuff to get back to, and have some Pd related plans for the summer following that. I could work on the Pd version when I get back to that Scheme for Pd stuff.


Let me know when you’re ready.