[Csnd] ANN: Csound VSCode Plugin 0.3.0

Hi All,

I have published 0.3.0 of the Csound VSCode plugin. The plugin is
available from the extensions marketplace within VSCode. The update
adds commands for live coding to evaluate ORC or SCO code by sending
it over UDP. The "Csound: Evaluate Orchestra Code" command comes
pre-bound to the ctrl-enter (or cmd-enter on macOS) keybinding. The
"Csound: Evaluate Score Code" command does not come prebound but it's
easy enough to add your own keybinding.

UDP Address and port are configurable via the extension's
configuration page. They default to and port 10000.

I tested the above using my csound-live-code project and was able to
start Csound and live code both ORC and SCO code.


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Thanks Steven, this is great. It’s one of my main Csound editors these days.

Mine too - thanks a lot Steven!

Glad to hear it's useful! :slight_smile: