[Csnd] An analog synth (Neutron) ambient work: "NGC 3982"

…processed with csound via for stereo-width with ‘hilbert’ and ‘screverb’

So, csound had a role, but not in terms of initial sound generation. Hopefully, it’s still valid to share a work, nonetheless! Another player was my algorithmic sequencing software, ‘pystepseq’.

This was actually made a few months ago, but never posted until today.



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Hi Aaron!
Jan 16 2021, Aaron Krister Johnson has written:

Hopefully, it's still valid to share a work, nonetheless!

Definitely! Very nice sound. I will consider Csound a definite go to for
my Neutron! It sounds much better than the few experiments I already did
with mine, when it came to ambient soundscapes. Thanks for sharing!

Best wishes,

Another player