Create k-rate array at performance time

Hey all,

Pretty straightforward question here, just curious if this is possible. I have some opcodes that need to return an array of k-rate variables based on the size of a k-rate array. Is it possible to initialize a new empty array during performance time at k-rate?

I’m not sure, you may have to use a reinit and cast the k var to i-rate?

Ah I should have mentioned that I was attempting to find a way around using reinit if possible. If there isn’t a way to do this then this may be a long term problem I’ll set aside and scratch my head at until I can figure a workaround (as this is related to more of an optimization issue than a blocking issue).

I think I tried this a few times before, but in the end went the easy route, i.e, set each array large enough to hold all the data I need. Then reserve the first index of each to store the number of elements in use.

Ah that’s a good idea, thanks for the hint :smiley: