Block diagrams of Csound programs?

I am using:

Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia

Is it possible with this set up to view schematic block diagrams of Csound programs such as are found in the book The Csound Book edited by Boulanger? I find such modular patch-like representations helpful in understanding what is going on.

Cabbage doesn’t run on my computer because the Csound version in my repositories is too old. And building programs from GitHub is too difficult for me.

hi -

i’d say: you will learn most when you draw these diagrams yourself from
any (simple) existing code.

there is also a “View Code Graph” possibility in csoundqt (see menu
under View). but you will need the “dot” application (Configure >
Environment), and it is not perfect.

i always need paper and pencil when i want to understand what’s going
on, and actually it is fun …


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Thank you. I now see that “View Code Graph” indeed gives a picture of a block diagram representation. But what do I have to do in Configure > Environment?

I will probably draw block diagrams myself later on…

well if View Code Graph works you do not need to do anything. only if
the dot executabls cannot be found, you have to specify in Configure.

OK - thanks! It works in the AppImage so problem solved.

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