Bitten by i

I have this LFO. From time to time i want to harvest a value from the k rate values and use that as an i rate value.
And this would have to happen each time a note is produced.
And not change during the note…

It is the classic k to i rate problem, but perhaps someone has come up with a nifty solution?

If it’s a global k-rate variable, you can use i(gk_global_val) to read it at init-time and use it for the duration of a note.

True, that works Thanks.
In my experiments this afternoon i found the article from Andrés Cabrera about a, k, and i rate conversions Csound Journal

“There is a simple converter which will convert a k-type signal to i-type: i(). The problem lies in the fact that the conversion takes place during the init-pass, which is a moment when the k-type variable might actually have a value of 0, because there has been no perf-pass to update it!”

and that is exactly what is happening; the first note is muted because the pitch is multiplied by 0…but now that i know it i can take it into account.