Another question re: score loops

I was experimenting with linsegr on a score loop. As a simple ex., in this first file, Loop1.csd:

instr 1 has a linsegr amp env. It plays fine. You’ll notice some lines are commented out. In the second file, loop2.csd:

the lines are no longer commented out and instr 2 is acting as the loop env.

However, when the loop env comes into play the notes of instr 1 are now cut short and clicky. I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong here.

If I alter the amp env of instr 1 to linseg and adjust the durations I can remove the clicks but I’m looking at the bigger picture for something else I’m working on.

I hope it’s ok to post links like this, I figured it was better than pasting the text into a comment.