Analogue Oscillator Modelling: Best Opcodes

Hi all,

I’m looking at the vco/vco2 opcodes for modelling analogue oscillators, and was wondering if anyone has created alternatives to those? Are there any udos or custom hacks that offer interesting analogue modelling, perhaps based around specific synths?

Any help appreciated!


I haven’t really played around with this stuff. Gleb Rogozinsky and some of his colleagues published a paper on how they approach this kind of work at the Csound conference in St.Petersburg.

I also got Gleb to speak with my class once about his does this kind of modelling. It was very interesting I have to say. It seemed to me that a big part of getting the sound right is in modelling the DACs. I’m not sure Gleb is on this forum, but I might reach out to him to continue the discussion.

Cheers, Rory: greatly appreciated.

Yes, I recall Gleb speaking about this stuff in Cagli and found it really enjoyable. I’ll have a read at the paper in the meantime.


Hi Mark and Rory! Thanks for your interest. Yes, we did some of analog modeling, or what is better to say - modeling of analog-like signals. There is pch2csd project, with some nice models and other things. We have some experience in technical stuff around modeling - with all those magnitude responses of hardware synths etc. I’ll be glad to share my thoughts, just pm me and we can have an online conversation

Cheers, Gleb. I’ll have a read at your paper for now and play around with some code of my own. I’ll be in touch if I encounter any difficulties.


sure, Mark

until next time!

Please don’t do this through private messages, I for one would be very interested in following this discussion!

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