Amplitude Spectrum Multiplication


I am trying to rebuild a Max-Patch in Csound in order to get it sample accurate. I am a total newbie and the opcode of pvcross did not do the same.

I want to take the amplitude spectrum of one file and multiply it with the real and the imaginary part of the other signal offline - sample accurate. Both files have the same length. Any ideas how to do it?

In the Max-Patch “convolution-workshop” it is the subpatch “pfft~ cw_fft 512 2”. I attached a screenshot.
pfft~ cw_fft 512 2

Thanks for helping!

i cannot go in the details of your question, but perhaps some hints to
what might help:

  1. i strongly recommend to use the pvs opcodes, not the old pv opcodes.
    there is for instance pvscross, pvsmorph and others. (you can simply
    look in the csound manual for the opcodes starting with “pvs”).
  2. there are also opcodes which may allow to rebuild the max patch step
    by step:
    Array-based spectral opcodes
  3. for some introduction into spectral processing in csound you can read
    The Csound FLOSS Manual
  4. and as complement to the canonical manual, to give an orientation
    about the vast number of opcodes:
    The Csound FLOSS Manual

hops this helps a bit!


pvsvoc seems to do it.
I will give it a try.