Re: [Csnd] output amplitude?

thanx for your thoughts. I'll look into linen and poscil3 .

I got the use of madsr for ADSR envelope from the Getting Started doc: Get started | Csound Community

From the description of madsr: madsr,
I understood that the 3rd parameter specifies the relative amplitude of the sustained tone, not the duration of that part of the envelope like the other 3 parameters.

OTOH in the graph that Bill Alves made (thanx Bill):
I do see that the notes overlap and that the 0.2s of the release is only visible at the last one. The others show a ringing/beat signal.

So can someone explain the use of such an envelope to me? Both the signal (aSig in my code) and the envelope (kEnv in my code) are I suppose 1D arrays of numbers, so that the multiplication syntax aSig*=kEnv works appears magic.

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