Re: [Csnd] [grame-cncm/faust] faust2csound generates incorrect Csound opcode registration (#648)

One last email about my issues with Faust and Csound to clarify things.

I couldn’t build a current version of Faust from source code on Ubuntu 20.04, so I had to use the Faust 2.2.0 system package for Ubuntu Linux.

With this, I was able to build and use the “faustgen” family of Csound opcodes, which use LLVM to compile Faust code at run time.

As I mentioned, the code that “faust2csound” from Faust 2.2.0 generates for registering a plugin Csound opcode is not correct for the current version of Csound.

Fortunately, this proved very easy to fix by patching one line in “csound.cpp” architecture file in Faust 2.2.0 to use Csound’s current protocol for opcode registration.

With this minor change, both Csound’s “faustgen” opcodes and Faust’s “faust2csound” tool seem to work perfectly.

Details are here: