Re: [Csnd] fout

... or a foutN that gives the possibility to choose how to name the generated files:
- by date and time (as John claims)
- customizing the name of the file and numbering it (automatically) progressively (but always without overwriting at each work session) - as did Joachim and Richard K.

However, what has been suggested to me has already been of great help.


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I agree that some wonderful Solutions have been shared and I have learned a ton by following the advice and discussions that I've arisen from your questions and suggestions and needs.

But, when I'm thinking about a beginner, or an Intermediate user even such as myself, who would love to save the outputs of my work in folders and they have things be a little more automatic, then I think it would be nice to have a more robust and enhanced version of the fout of code

Dr. Richard Boulanger
Electronic Production and Design
Berklee College of Music

I think this is a useful idea but does get quite specifically personal -

using date and time depends on locale and user preference for the date format, we'd ideally need to have a widely accepted consensus beforehand.

having a numbered file (eg a numeric prefix) would preusumably need to rely on some kind of state file like the state.txt in Joachim's approach, and some assumptions might have to be made about where/how the state file is stored and user expectations/preference on that might differ. It could get complex eg does the state file exist in the directory where fout is writing or the working directory of the orchestra; if multiple fouts are used in one orchestra with the same directory would there be multiple state files there or just one per Csound instance/how are they named, etc etc. I think there are a lot of potential variables and I feel handling this is relatively easy enough to keep in the Csound code as a UDO rather than having as an actual opcode where the specifics would be less transparent and a bit less configurable.