Re: [Csnd] [EXTERNAL] [Csnd] VS header file issue

Re the API threading example:

I added csPerfThread.cpp, and it solved the linker issue and gave me some new messages: an error, saying strcpy (if I remember correctly) was unsafe and needed to be changed to strcpy_s. Also some warnings about conversions.

I looked for csnd.lib, I did a search on my C:\Program Files\Csound6_x64\lib directory and found csound64.lib, libcsound64.lib and CsoundQt-d-html-cs6.lib.

I searched my csound-6.15.0 source code directory and found no lib files

Did a google search on “csnd.lib”, didn’t find anything.

Went to GitHub - csound/csound: Main repository for Csound. I’m not totally familiar with how it works, but I used the file finder and searched for csnd.lib and found nothing, then searched for *.lib and found nothing.

I imagine I missed csnd.lib somewhere. Where can it get it?

The strncpy is not an error I think, just a warning, you can ignore it.

As csnd.lib, you should have at least a csnd.dll somewhere. It comes with Csound. If you don’t, try installing the latest Csound.

The csnd.dll is the link library containing that code.

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Actually the DLL is called csnd6.dll. Not sure if there is a csnd6.lib, but you would need that to link to it.

Maybe someone with a windows machine can make you a csnd6.lib from the DLL, if there is not one.

Steps for this are (command-line):

1. Export the symbols

dumpbin /EXPORTS csnd6.dll > csnd6.exports

2. Create a DEF file with a line at the top


followed by the contents of csnd6.exports

2. Create a lib file (for this you need to have the VC\/bin directory in your PATH

lib /def:csnd6.def /machine:x64 /out:csnd6.lib

(source: c++ - How to make a .lib file when have a .dll file and a header file - Stack Overflow)

Also on the strcpy issue, if you are getting an error you can try adding




to your preprocessor definitions (in the properties under C/C++ and preprocessor).

That should allow you to use csPerfThread.cpp directly without needing the compiled library