[Csnd] zero holes with lpanal part 3

Yes, Victor, that is it. lpanal does not like long silences. I too cut the silence in the beginning of the sample and now the analyzing process runs. Then, to test it further, i transformed a few words in the middle of this sample into silence, to see if in the lp analysis would continue once it had started… but lpanal could not be tricked; running the example i heard the first few words and then the buzz opcode sort of hangs in a low amplitude state. So it ran for a while but in the Csound output: found only 0 poles…sorry.

lpanal want something to happen when creating its frames. There must be a threshold.
On the manual page for lpanal a note could be added about it not being able to work properly when longer portions of low amplitude (silence) is found. Anyway no silence at the sample start.

Thanks John, Victor, for testing and helping!

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