[Csnd] web IDE workflow

what amazing work you (steven, hlodver, ed) have done with ide.csound.com!!!
it works nicely also with firefox now!

i am just trying out a bit more. questions:

1. there is no "save as", right?
2. i expected the active tab to be played back when i hit the run button but this does not work.
    do i have to re-configure the target each time i want to change the .csd which is played back?
3. i cannot close an active tab. (once i push the cross, a "close" button appears but cannot be pushed. closing a non-active tab works.) is this a bug, or is it intended?

thanks -

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+1 for a Save As option.

Art Hunkins

I noticed that the active tab is saved when you press play, but that happens *after* Csound starts playing.
Therefore if you stop the playback and play again you will hear it. That looks like a simple bug.

Another aspect that I find might be better for beginners is to avoid the #include statements and extra
files. It would be better imho if there was just a CSD with sample code in it.

I very much agree with Victor's statement about includes. Most
beginners will only be doing simple .csd's, and it should be simple to
load, edit and save them. The whole Projects concept is fine for
advanced users, but a simpler workflow should be available as well

Art Hunkins

+1 for "just the csd"

Dr. Richard Boulanger
Electronic Production and Design
Berklee College of Music

Hi Joachim,

Thanks! Replies below:

1. There is no "save as" at the moment. Is this for saving a copy of
the file within the project? If so, please file an issue at
Issues · csound/web-ide · GitHub and we will look at it when
we have a chance.

2. Yes, the CSD target system right now is set up where you create
targets and choose which CSD to run. I think we will change how this
works but most of our attention has been on the WebAudio Csound
release and related updates to go with it for the moment. I think
there was a proposal to add an option to right-click to select a CSD
to run. Feel free to file an issue and we can continue discussion

3. I see an odd issue with closing tabs now too. An issue on github
would be appreciated. There's a number of changes going on now with
the update to the newer WebAudio Csound that has caused a bit of a
cascade of changes that is ongoing and we can look at it as part of
that work.

From other messages in this thread:

* Regarding save on run, that's a known bug we are aware of to fix.
Good reminder. :slight_smile:

* For Projects, we've had in mind a while now to create starter
templates so when you create a project you can choose things like
single CSD, multi-file project, MIDI instrument, realtime processing,
etc. Also, once project forking is implemented, users would have the
option to start any project based on another project which would also
address some of these issues.

* Please do file issues in Github for the Web-IDE, it's the best way
for us to keep track of things at the moment as our attention is
spread between various projects. Issues there are very much


thanks steven! i will file issues (proposals) in the github tracker.
cheers -