[Csnd] trying to get minimal cabbage example working

I took the demo “Gbuzz synth” in Cabbage and replaced most of it with simpler things, trying to get the smallest working synth plugin I can.

Note that Gbuzz synth works in my DAW (Reaper).

I did not have success. The problem is there is no audible sound output. Here’s what I tried:

form caption("first Synth") size(855, 375), pluginid("MikeFirst") image bounds( 0, 0,855,295), colour("DarkSlateGrey"), outlinecolour("White"), outlinethickness(1), shape("sharp") ; main panel colouration -dm0 -n -+rtmidi=null -M0

; originally tone.orc
sr = 44100
ksmps = 16
nchnls = 2
0dbfs = 1
seed 0
massign 1, 1

instr 1
iamp ampmidi 0dbfs
ifreq cpsmidi
abuzz gbuzz 1, ifreq, (sr*0.75)/ifreq, 1, 0.8, 3
;; filter
kfilt_co expseg 3200, 0.2, 800
; ares reson asig, xcf, xbw [, iscl] [, iskip]
ares reson abuzz, kfilt_co, 200, 1

iatt_dur = 0.10
idec_dur = 0.10
itail_dur = 0.1
kenv linsegr 0, iatt_dur, 1, idec_dur, 0.4, 1, 0.4, itail_dur, 0
outs areskenv, areskenv

f 0 3600

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Looks like an issue with your gbuzz line because swapping it out for a vco2 results in audio.

I haven't read much Csound code in the last few years, but where is
table 3 defined?

nowhere it seems. It needs to be given.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

Oh I get it. I feel silly. Is there a way to test this for things like missing tables before running it in the DAW? And get error messages?

I could always create a working CSD and play a few notes to check, then make the minimal changes to get to Cabbage, but it would be nice to verify I haven’t done anything wrong in that last step.



If you run it in Cabbage it should tell you you are missing a table. If you want access to Csound messages in your Cabbage plugin, add a csoundoutput widget. Btw, Cabbage has its own forum here: https://forum.cabbageaudio.com Feel free to post any time.