[Csnd] Switch pedal options

Hi everybody,

I am going to buy a pedal switch for myself. But I do not have enough information which kind of switch pedal works very well with Csound. I selected two different pedals. If others work better let me know, please.

1- Korg - EC5 (midi)
2- iK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard (bluetooth)

Ali B

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Not so easy. The EC5 cable is not a standard midi cable, so you cannot use midi messages with it. You would need a counter plug on the receiving end and create your own detection circuit with e.g. an Arduino.

The other option (bluetooth) is also tricky as there is no csound interface to that either…


Check out the audiofront pedal interfaces - they allow you to connect standard synth pedals without the need for a synth. Works with both sustain and expression pedals. Generates MIDI messages and outputs over usb. I have used with Max but not Csound.




Not sure about the kind of the switching you’re looking to do, but also check https://www.keithmcmillen.com/products/softstep/ — a bit pricy, but much more flexible than basic switches (and simply USB MIDI).


I use a Behringer FCB1010, standard midi connection and needs a midi interface, can not be plugged directly to usb.

For lighter/simpler setup (no power cables and direct midi over usb) i’ve build a midi usb pedlboard with an arduino pro micro, if you are interested look here, its quite cheap to build: http://triceratupuz.altervista.org/index.php?lang=en&seltag=arduino&frirrec=0