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Perhaps cross posting, but i don’t know if my message will be read by all if i post on The Csound Forum only…

i believe i have a chicken and egg issue here…

i have created a pvx file using pvanal.
The output is:
analysing 35280 sample frames (0.8 secs) from timepoint 1.0
1024 infrsize, 256 infrInc
135 output frames estimated
pvanal: creating pvocex file

Now i want to use this pvx file as a mask in an instrument, and i have to put it in a table.
But i do not know the table size, and deferred size is not allowed.
How can i get to know the table size of the pvx file?

filelen — Returns the length of a sound file! but not a pvx file
ftlen - deferred size for GENs 1, 2, 23, 28 or 49 only, so GEN 43 is not one of them
tableng - same thing as ftlen

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Reasing the code it looksas if te sixze must be greater or equal to kalf the (fftsize+1). looking at the problem more widely I cannot see why tis camnot be canged dynamcally to allocate what is needed. Ris isVictor's code so prhaps he sjpuld comment.

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Sounds like we could use a pvxlen opcode

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size of table is DFT size divided by 2. So if analysis with N=1024, use at table size of 512.

see GEN43

size -- number of points in the table, power-of-two or power-of-two plus 1. GEN 43 does not make any distinction between these two sizes, but it requires the table to be at least the fftsize/2.