[Csnd] size of table, part 2

size of table is DFT size divided by 2. So if analysis with N=1024, use at table size of 512.
see https://csound.com/docs/manual/GEN43.html
size – number of points in the table, power-of-two or power-of-two plus 1. GEN 43 does not make any distinction between these two sizes, but it requires the table to be at least the fftsize/2.

So in my case:

The output is:
analysing 35280 sample frames (0.8 secs) from timepoint 1.0

the FrameSize = 1024
so it takes only one Frame to fill the 35280 analysed samples.

It doesn’t matter if i analyze .5 seconds or 3 seconds- only 1 Framesize is created, right?
In my case, only 1 photo of 1024 size is taken…and table size for GEN43 is thus 512 or 513…

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yes, GEN43 reads the whole file and produces 1 DFT frame.