[Csnd] resources on spectralism in csound?

Hi list, I have ordered Victor’s book, but wanted to ask here if there are any other particular resources on learning about spectralism with Csound that you would recommend, both current and historical. I’m taking a grad course this term on computational analysis and am leaning to a csound/spectralism based term project.


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There’s a chapter in the Csound 2016 book on frequency domain, and a case study at the end of the book.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

Thanks Victor, I have that book too and will look it up.


Julius Orion Smith, III, 4th book on Spectral Audio Processing is always

good for the frequency domain world of it.



Fantastic, thanks Partev!




Re Victor's latest book (Spectral Music Design: A Computational
Approach), is it possible to buy it in a portable electronic format,
like pdf?

At the publisher's site [1] it's only available in printed formats
(hard- and softcover). The "ebook" link says "This title is available
as an ebook. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider."

I found it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but they provide it in their
proprietary formats (Kindle and Nook) that I cannot read (AFAIK) on my
Linux desktop.


That’s not something I know much about, but I reckon it’s not available as PDF then. I actually don’t even have a copy of the published book myself yet electronic or print.

My student and I both have our hard copies. They should send at least one copy to Victor!

Dr. Richard Boulanger
Electronic Production and Design
Berklee College of Music

I'm sure it's coming, just didn't get here yet.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University