[Csnd] Opcode docs

Hi, in my internet travels I’ve learned that you can pass arrays into and out of an opcode, but there is nothing in the documentation for ‘opcode’ that says anything about using arrays at all. While I get not using them for output because it might be troublesome (when the array is created in the UDO. Memory issue.), I don’t get why it wouldn’t say anything about using them for input in the documentation.

I’ve also seen some using them with two dimensions.

So, is it all you need to do to declare something as an array by following is type character with ‘[]’ or ‘[][]’ for single dimensions and double dimensions, respectively?

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perhaps this helps:


So can I assume that the Floss manual is more complete? Or just an extension of the current manual?


no the floss manual has a different goal: it is not the reference manual, but a textbook, a (hopefully) readable introduction to csound.

i just wanted to answer your question regarding the content. you are right, that the information should be found in the canonical manual. if not, opening a ticket at Issues · csound/manual · GitHub would be appreciated (or, even better, a pull request).