[Csnd] New music: Change the game (with Csound)

Hey hey,
Csound only plays a supporting role, but an important one:

The kick and snares were programmed in Csound based on a tutorial on the Skryllex drum sound. Besides that, whenever you hear the bass at its gnarliest, raunchiest and wobbliest, it's a simply, but effective, Csound FM patch. :slight_smile:

The rest is Yoshimi for bass layering, chord stabs and pad work, more samples - in-box and outboard, and some analogue hardware. Vocals by the fantastic Beccy Schaefer, which really made this track!

Best wishes and enjoy,


Super. Yes, the drums are solid and the bass is super fat. Great. Love the vocals in the chorus especially.
All the backing vocals are sweet - Beccy has a lovely voice.

Hi Dr. B.,
thanks, I'll pass your kind words on to her. The backing vocals are mine from the original trial. Just be glad that's the only remainder of my singing on that piece! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


Jun 1 2022, Dr. Richard Boulanger has written:


Your background vocals lift up the track. I am very glad that they are there.

Yeah, Jeanette! Lovely stuff! I tend to like most of your work a lot
but this is exceptionally catchy.

  -- Pete --

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