[Csnd] New MIDI helper UDOs

Hey hey,
I've just released a few MIDI helper UDOs, all useful to translate MIDI input into frequencies. These work for MIDI activated instruments as well as instruments reading MIDI via midiin or another mechanism or any control input that is MIDI like in value ranges. The opcodes combine note number, pitchbend, coarse tune, fine tune and frequency ratios (useful for FM, PM and AM applications). Pitchbend ranges can be configured differently for up and down ranges.
(the above link is not HTTPS, thus some browsers will refuse it by default, here's a TEMPORARY dropbox link)

There is a CSD that uses all opcodes, but it can't (yet) be called a proper demonstration. I'm keeping my options open to extend this collection with further useful tools.

Still, feeeback is welcome on what is there. Enjoy!

Best wishes,