[Csnd] New Csound (on the Web) Article and Chrome Extension

Introducing the items below, which are found at this URL:
at the top of the page. Both the article alone and a .zip of all three materials (text, Chrome extension & HTML “substitute”) can be downloaded.

Feedback most appreciated - especially fact check, inaccuracies, and important items left out. Also text that is not clear or on point.

Introduces a new Chrome extension, CsOnlineResources (based on Kevin Gray’s CsLookup on GitHub). Designed primarily for newcomers to Csound, the extension should work on all Chrome-compatible browsers, and includes both Csound Manual search capability and links to a variety of Csound Web tools. Article documents these tools and the extension’s installation - as well as its limitations (offering a HTML ‘substitute’ where installation is not possible). Substantial discussion of WebAudio Csound (Csound IDE).

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