[Csnd] New Csound Composition/Instrument

My latest, that barely crept into 2021:

LUMEN CHRISTI (2021) for realtime Csound6 (PC and Android)
Versions for PC Csound (requires MIDI controller with 8-9 knobs/sliders) and Android (requiring either the Csound for Android app or any of the alternative Android Csound6 apps available on this site)
Duration: indeterminate

Complete materials, including audio demo and performance instructions, are at the top of my composition list on my home page:

Demo is < 5 minutes long.
Comments are always welcome.

Best wishes and blessings of the Season to all.

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Thanks for sharing this beautiful work - and ALL your beautiful and spiritual works.

It is so fun to peruse your website and see (and hear) all that you have shared and all that you continue to share.

God Bless you, my friend.

Now… you need to get an Oculus Quest2 and convert all your beautiful pieces into Csound Unity immersive VR scenes in which one can wander and wonder and be further transfixed and inspired.

Take Care,

Cool, a kind of mirror image structure, seemingly.

Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed it!