[Csnd] New Csound and CsoundQt Release for the New Semester?

Hello Csounders,

Happy New Year.

Hopefully, you, like me, have been using this past year to stay home, stay safe, and become even more immersed, impressed, and enamored with Csound!

And now, as 2021 gets us vaccinated and stepping out a bit more, hopefully, we will get to share our work and see more of each other again - both in person and on Zoom.

I look forward to Michael Gogin’s monthly Csound Zoom meetings.

For sure, regular meetings like this will keep us connected and inspired, and I look forward to checking out your new instruments, UDOs, live code, music, apps, plugins, and hopefully even some new opcodes. Your music and research and updates have really kept my fire burning and opened my eyes (and heart) in so many ways. THANK YOU.

And so I wonder… as the new year begins, and the new semester of teaching Csound is just around the corner, I am wondering, are there any plans for a new release of Csound or CsoundQt? I hope so. It is always great to start the year with a new version. And… there have been some new opcodes and new manual examples and bug fixes and other great things.

Take care everyone.


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I can't comment on a new Csound 6 or CsoundQt release, but Hlodver and
I have been doing a lot of work on WebAudio Csound that should
hopefully release soon. It's a big change (different compiler, support
for plugins, working out various processing models, etc.) but one that
addresses a number of issues and use cases. After that is done, we'll
probably do some work to update the Web-IDE with it and work on moving
that forward again. CS7 work in the parser3 branch should be moving
forward again after the WebAudio release. (Probably should start a
new thread on the dev list to get everyone in sync...)

Steven and Hlodver,

Wonderful. Loving Csound Web IDE. And Live.Csound.com too!

I am happy to report that I was running Csound Web IDE the other evening on my Raspberry Pi 4+

  • it just works!

So great.