[Csnd] New Album on Bandcamp

Hi, I have released my electroacoustic/electronic music album on bandcamp and also as a physical media (CD), including Litosfera, a composition that received a honorable mention at CIME PRIZE 2021. Despite the fact that I employed many tools to compose its tracks, a lot, (really, a lot!) of Csound was used.
Hope you like it.

Best Regards
Marcelo Carneiro

Congratulations Marcello. I listened to the opening tracks this morning and enjoyed them very much. I’ll go back later and listen to the rest when I have some time. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for listening Rory. It will be nice to get some feedback from you.

I’m afraid I’m not much of a critic these days so I’m not sure I can provide as much feedback! However, I’ve now listened to the whole thing from start to finish and it held my interest throughout, which is quite rare for me! As to why I was able to listen to this in one sitting, perhaps it’s because I find the beat based rhythmical elements help to prevent any kind of sonic fatigue that I often get when listening to new electroacoustic music. But clearly that’s down to my own personal taste. Anyway, apart from all of that, congratulations again on the release :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your feedback, your kind words and, again, for your careful listening. It was an honor Rory, really.
Best regards,