[Csnd] .net API assembly , gone?

There are examples for using the API from .net languages (https://github.com/csound/csoundAPI_examples/tree/master/csharp) but the link to the actual project is http://csound6net.codeplex.com/ , but codeplex closed over four years ago.

The domain for Richard Henninger's address richard@rghmusic.com has expired and it doesn't look like he has been active on Github for some time.

Does anyone know of any existing copies of the source code?

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CsoundUnity borrows heavily from Richard’s work. It has been updated and modified over the years, but it’s probably a good place to start?


Thanks, yes, I found this and was having a look yesterday, though haven’t managed to get anything working, as DllImport is throwing a dllnotfound exception for some reason I haven’t figured out yet.

Did you figure it out? I think we add the path to the Csound dll before we try loading the library.

@rjk sorry seeing this only now.
I have a copy of Richard’s source code!
Should we host it somewhere official?
Otherwise happy to send a zip to whoever needs it :wink:

Thank you, that would be great.
Maybe hosted on the main Csound github?
Happy to receive a zip though and I could host on my git site at http://git.1bpm.net/ , licence permitting.


Here is a zip of the csound6net codeplex repo: