[Csnd] [music] Water colour sky

Hey hey,
this is a downtempo, abstract(?) electro piece, very meditative:

(last I knew the video was still being checked for copyright violations, no idea why).

On the Csound side this involved most of the drums. The snare being "conventionally" mixed with some pitching and amp envelopes. Some sounds were passed through a few PVS opcodes, mostly for smearing. The snake like sound in the left and right channels was achieve by attacking a sample with grain2. The TR-808 like drums were processed by repluck or pluck2. Again, I used the grainular reverb written by Oeyvind Brandstegg, which has an interesting effect on very short sounds.

Additionally I used m_cubicon (my wavetable oscillator) and m_reverb for the drone.

All Csound contributions were rendered to disk and then loaded into LinuxSampler.

Best wishes and have a lovely Sunday,


Very nice work! Love all the sonic details.