[Csnd] [Music] One girl, all alone

Hey hey,
this latest piece saw a lot of live Csound, played from a MIDI keyboard or recorded to the sequencer. :slight_smile: I was amazed at how much the current Csound and my CPU will do in realtime now. This won't be the last time, I'll rely on that. :slight_smile:

There are several instruments: my attempt to create a piano with an extra metallic resonator, using waveguides (wguide1 and wguide2).

The strings in the intro are several slightly detuned wgbow opcodes with some mild processing, vibrato and reverb.

The bell as based on the barmodel with lots of sweet reverbsc.

The string slide towards the second verse is several wguide1 with some filtering.

There is quite a bit of vocoder, though very subtly used to back up the vocals and give a little harmony.

The strange reverb on the piano in the bridge is the piano passed through pvstrace and pvsmooth.

I could share some instruments, but they still look rather chaotic, because they arose straight from the experiments and I didn't properly clean the code up.

Lyrics are below.

*** One girl, all alone ***

Where all is void,
Just me in emptiness.
I have to make the world
From the ground up all alone.
Matter and a universe,
And laws to make them move.
Isolated islands
Are threatened by the dark of nothing.
I urgently must tell
Processes to be.
All the creatures lives
Must be allowed to dwell.

Hi Jeanette,

great stuff and excellent sound design. Besides Csound, where are the other sound sources from?


Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

Oct 3 2021, Victor Lazzarini has written:

great stuff and excellent sound design.

Many thanks!

Besides Csound, where are the other sound sources from?

First of all: I forgot to mention the wavetable harmonic drone, realised
with hvs1.
The choir is Yoshimi. The "real strings" are LinuxSampler using the
Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (SSO).
The piano is the SampleTekk/PMI 7cg (Yamaha C7) GigaSample library.

Various sequences/arpeggios and bass are Behringer Neutron.

The drum loop processed in verse 2 is a Behringer RD-8 (TR-808 clone).
The Xylophone is again SampleTekk/PMI orchestral instruments.
The slightly vocal treble/bass is the MakeNoise 0-coast (West coast, or
was it east coast... The Buchla inspired thing :slight_smile: ).

Best wishes,