[Csnd] [music] Dancing with a ghost

Hey hey,
I'd like to present a fully 3D mixed song: Dancing with a ghost:

Composition: Jeanette C.
Lyrics and Vocals: Benjamin Michael & Jeanette C.
Saxophone and video: Benjamin Michael (images courtesey of pixbarbay)
Mixing and production: Jeanette C.

All sounds were recorded and preprocessed in my DAW, Nama. From there every clean/source track and reverb/delay sends were processed through a basic Csound instrument, using the hrtf* opcodes with the room modelling. All sounds were placed in the same space, but with different sends of hrtfreverb .

The results, alas, tell me that I have to learn a lot more. Still, in persuing this project I already learnt a lot and think I have a few points for future improvements, like placing groups of sounds in a few predetermined spots. Only move a few tracks around for effect and have a trial run with a room to work out how much extra reverb from the DAW is necessary and most important: don't start a new idea with a project with over 100 tracks going into HRTF processing. It's a lot of CPU time and very confusing. :slight_smile:

Enjoy and best wishes,


I especially like how much clearer the discrete locations of the players, singers, ‘voices’ are in the mix because of the hrtf use.

thanks for sharing

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