[Csnd] modern version of Csound catalog or book?

It’s been about 15 years since I used Csound a lot. I purchased the Csound Book way back then and have the catalog on CD-ROM. I assume a lot has changed. Is there a new edition of the book or somewhere to see a catalog of instruments featuring recent developments?


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Hi Michael,

probably the best I know is this one:

Victor Lazzarini • Steven Yi

John ffitch • Joachim Heintz

Øyvind Brandtsegg • Iain McCurdy


A Sound and Music Computing System

I should probably clarify that as a programmer, I don’t need help with the technical details but I need more examples of sound design to learn from. I did see this newer book on Amazon and I will buy the kindle version. It does seem to have a lot of examples, but would I also benefit from a “sound design” book? Maybe not even specifically using Csound?


In terms of general sound design for musical applications I think the previously mentioned “Csound - a sound and music computing system”, is as good as any out there.

I’d also mention Victor Lazzarini’s “Computer Music Instruments” which covers more traditional instruments and “Computer Music Instruments II” which looks at real-time performance.

David Bowen

Two I got recently that I really like are Victor’s “Spectral Music Design” and Andy Farnell’s Pd book “Designing Sound”. (Spectral is not a Springer book either so it’s actually well priced!)

If you’re looking for how to make “real-world” type sounds, the Farnell book is just the ticket. I’ve heard it’s very popular among video game sound designers.

Yes, the Farnell one is quite something in terms of the level of detail he goes into in designing the sounds.

I haven’t bought Victor’s latest book because I figure he’ll send me one for Christmas :slight_smile:

I haven’t even got one myself… they have forgotten to send me a copy.

My students and I have copies, but Victor's name is incorrectly spelled on the cover

Dr. Richard Boulanger
Electronic Production and Design
Berklee College of Music

Oh, is that right, whereabouts? The front cover looked correct to me.

I once spelled Victor’s name wrong in the program for a concert. He was moderately, to extremely, annoyed by that. I really fear for the wellbeing of his publishers if they got this wrong!!

Can’t remember that either.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

It was over 20 years ago. Where has the time gone.