[Csnd] lua opcodes

What happened to these? Is there a plugin for them anywhere?

Forrest Curo

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Hello Forrest,

I made this plugin for Lua support a few months ago. You should be able to build it here :


It works fine, and should offer a simple interface.

The is also the ancient one, but it’s more complex to use, and I don’t know where the source code is right now.

Feel free to say if you have any trouble building/installing/using the lua opcodes I made


Johann Philippe

Um, I see “build windows”. Is there a linux version?

or course. the make_script.sh should be able (or at least contains enough information) to build on linux (I use it on linux too). You need luajit-dev to be installed on your system.

I should change it to have a cmake script instead some day. if you need any help to build, feel free to PM me.

Um, I see “build windows”. Is there a linux version?

Of course! (I never catch on to how “last commit” notes apply to the actual files, sorry!)

Um, which lua version is this for?

luajit so it’s lua 5.1

Um, which lua version is this for?

with bitwise operators if I want them besides, great!

My “ancient” and original version is still here:



Um, instructions re how to install and use csound plugins?

That was not meant to be rude. I prefer to call it the original as you said.

Forest, I didn’t use the original implementation a lot, but it is well documented here : http://www.csounds.com/manual/html/lua.html, and it also is more robust and battle tested.

The implementation I made was mostly designed for simplicity, in a time I needed to quickly access Lua tables for composition.

Both should now be relatively easy to build since based on CMake. So if you’re on linux :
cd lua_csound
mkdir build && cd build
cmake …

Then you just need to move the resulting binary (.so) to the csound plugin64 directory (probably /usr/local/lib/csound/plugins64)

Um, instructions re how to install and use csound plugins?

Thank you! (There’s so much that seems obvious except for people not experienced in using it!)

Yours (Johann’s) is specifically set to use luajit; it’s less clear what version of lua the original one will run.

The original also uses LuaJIT.

I did not think any comments were rude!


I should add, the Lua interface in Csound can use either Lua or LuaJIT, my Lua opcoces must use LuaJIT.

Johann Philippe:
I’m confused by your use of ``` in your README.md file… Is that required notation anywhere? – or simply a way of marking off quoted material there?

That’s standard Markdown notation to begin and end a block of code.

Thank you! (another language I don’t know, oh well!)

Also, I added binaries for Windows (MSVC 19) and Linux (clang 10) here https://framagit.org/johannphilippe/lua_csound/-/releases/0.0

It should hopefully work with a recent version of Csound. Just put it in your plugin path (something like /usr/local/lib/csound/plugins64-6.0/ ), and you should be able to use it .

Thank you! (another language I don’t know, oh well!)

Okay, found that (and also plugins64-7.0/ ,where I assume it should work fine with csound 6.17)