[Csnd] how to tryout faust in csound

Dear community,
I try to use some of the faust examples in csound.
On https://faustide.grame.fr/ I’ve loaded the example “GuitarMidi” (it’s one of the physical modelling examples).

I clicked on the “export as” button (the truck icon) and choosed platform linux and architecture csound-64bits.
Now I have a file guitarMIDI.so on my hard drive.
I don’t know what to do with this file, getting a hint by someone of You would be great.

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You can load that in Csound by using


then you can use it as an opcode in Csound. Not sure the syntax of the opcode but it will have the inputs and outputs as defined in the faust code.

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

Dear Victor,
thanks for Your answer. Unfortunately, I don’t have any idea what could here be the input and output parameters.
This is the faust code:

declare name “GuitarMidi”;
declare description “Simple acoustic guitar model with steel strings.”;
declare license “MIT”;
declare copyright “(c)Romain Michon, CCRMA (Stanford University), GRAME”;


process = pm.guitar_ui_MIDI <: ,;

Thanks for any hint

Not sure how the midi interface that is built into this is mapped into Csound. Maybe you need to try some examples without MIDI.

Started getting into FAUST (and JUCE) recently at the urging of
Julius Smith at CCRMA so that I could examples in his books.
Very cool. Interesting stuff.


Dear Partev,
which book do You mean?

Book 2 on Digital Filters. He has examples in Matlab and C++.


I’ve found it, thanks!