[Csnd] from stereo (binaural) > to ambisonic stereo

Hello everybody!

What Csound code do you suggest to export a stereo (binaural) to ambisonic stereo audio file?
I was thinking of using the bformenc1 and bformdec1 operators.
Some examples in detail?

Thanks for any help ...

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I am assuming you have a binaural file that is made up as a mix of several sources, with location
applied to each one. Two thoughts:

1. The binaural stereo signal has its sources filtered etc to make them work well in a binaural setting
(through headphones). There is no way in Csound (and most likely no way at all) to remove the
filtering that was applied to the source signals (particularly if there are a lot of sources in the mix, each
treated binaurally). You need to get the original non-binaural sources and use them again in a mix.

2. Ambisonics is more suitable for several speakers. In any case, when you make your
ambisonics mix (with the encoding opcode), it is given in the B-format, which then needs to be decoded for
the speaker set up you have. That can be a stereo pair, and I think the decoding opcodes have a choice for that.

You can also use what is known a ambisonics UHJ which is another form of decoding to two channels in stereo.
      Ambisonic UHJ format - Wikipedia

I don’t see any gain in using ambisonic for stereo, if compared to a good application of
amplitude panning (that’s a personal opinion).