[Csnd] fprints issue

Hello, I'm trying to write to 10,000+ different files using the
fprints opcode on macOS and I think I'm running into a max open files
issue after about 8000 files have been written. After hitting the max,
using the fprints opcode issues warnings like INIT ERROR in instr 4
(opcode fprints) line 2619: error opening file

Is there a way to close the files and release resources so there
aren't so many files open at the same time? ... or maybe there's
something else going on that's causing the init error?

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I'm fairly certain this is a max open files issue. Raising the max
open files on the OS level with `sudo launchctl limit maxfiles 655360
1048576` works around the issue, but it would be better if there was a
way to close each file after fprints is done with it.

I agree. Could you open a ticket in the issues tracker so that we don’t forget to look at this?

Does not calling ficlose do what you want? There is also a deinit callback to close files so I am not sure what else can do.

Yes, the `ficlose` opcode does what I want. Thank you.