[Csnd] Faust in Csound

I’ve been porting some of the Faust examples in https://faustide.grame.fr/ to Csound patches.

In most cases, the examples are not useful in my particular rather pitch based style of composition, but I find that some of the sounds are very attractive, such as the bells. In other cases I have got sounds that I like that I can get pitches out of.

I am putting the patches in https://github.com/gogins/csound-extended/tree/develop/silencio/patches if anyone wants to look at them. The filenames all start with “Faust”.

I have a big question: Are there other open source repositories of instruments or effects created in Faust that would make sense to use in Csound?


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Forgive my ignorance here, but how would one go about using these? Is
there a simple code example that you could provide?