[Csnd] ENGAGE 2021

My work using Csound is on pages 8,10 and 11 of this virtual platform this weekend if anyone is interested!

They are motion controlled installation proof of concepts, one of which(Machine Love) I already shared in the group.

I hope this is a start to great weekend for everyone​:+1::pray::pray:

Tarek Wayne

ENGAGE 2021 Sound and Visual Platform - redefining the parameters of contemporary sound and visual art through experimental music, digital, and virtual art.

A diverse collection of artworks from 56 multidisciplinary artists from 27 cities around the world, showcasing 71 sound and visual artworks.

https://www.re-nd-er-ed.co.uk/engage2021 - Link in bio

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We’ll check it out, thanks for letting us know!

Prof. Victor Lazzarini
Maynooth University

My pleasure! Transformation of a Photograph(page 8) and Machine Love(page 10) use Csound Partikkel, nested in Pure Data…

They didn’t include it in the description, Floating Crystals, my last piece, on page 11 doesn’t use Csound, it was composed in Renoise.

Thanks kindly for your interest!

Tarek Wayne