[Csnd] Emphasize odd harmonics of an audio signal

Hey hey,
I'd like to especially highlight the odd harmonics of a strongly pitched audio signal, i.e. not generated in Csound and it is polyphonic.

Is an exciter the only way to achieve something like that or are there other tricks of achieving that effect?

Best wishes and thanks for any hints,


As I understand it, an exciter would emphasise (and where absent create) odd harmonics over every frequency present in the input spectrum, which would be a lot of frequency content you aren’t originally intending (eg. new odd harmonics over the existing even harmonics…).

I don’t really know what the state of the art is in polyphonic pitch tracking in csound, but I think tracking the base pitches and making their odd harmonics is the thing that would make musical sense here?

I guess a compromise would be to find a few prominmant spectral peaks (with more weight for lower peaks) and get harmonics over those? I bet some prior art exists for this.

Good luck, I hope someone more informed has a proper answer.